Five must-haves for a productive workspace

Five must-haves for a productive workspace

It may not be what you think-

Guess What?- Its not just furniture

A workspace is an important part of your experience on the job

A workspace is an important part of your experience on the job. You should have a comfortable chair, laptop stand, proper lighting, and an ergonomic table to set up your workstation. Here are some other must-have items for your office:

- Height adjustable table: A height adjustable table is perfect for when you work from home or at a coffee shop and want to adjust the height of your desk. It also can be adjusted to suit any individual's needs by changing chairs with different heights. We have the Element desk collection to make sure you have this covered.

- Ergonomic chair: An ergonomic chair supports the natural alignment of back, neck and spine while maintaining good blood circulation throughout the body. If a person sits in a neutral position, it will help them avoid pain in their neck and properly support them throughout the day- Luckily, there are hundreds of incredible ergonomic chairs on the market from quality brands.

-Secondary soft seating is another important element to have in your workspace. There is nothing like a comfortable lounge chair to climb into as a way to shift gears during your work day. The change in posture and ability to get comfortable will pay off in higher productivity.

-Support accessories can make the difference between crawling out of your office exhausted and skipping to a spin class with extra energy! Items like wrist and mouse pads or monitor arms to set your monitor height properly. These small changes can keep your body in a supported neutral position. Don’t underestimate their impact-

-Lighting and background setting make you look good and keep you fresh. Nothing strains your eyes more than poor lighting. You should have multiple lighting sources for best results- on camera or typing away on the keyboard. Soft indirect lighting will make you look as good as your presentation material. The items in your workspace should make you feel good and help you not only look good but be productive.

Get these things right and your work experience will improve significantly.

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