What Will The Office Be Like In 5 Years?

What will your office look like in five years

You will work from home and visit an office for specific meetings only

Your bedroom- or Kitchen

What will your office look like in five years

It may look a lot like your bedroom- because many will decide to work from just that spot- or maybe the guestroom/ home office or the kitchen table. Organizations allow employees a lot of freedom to decide where to work when remote. This may change in the near future as employers begin to gather data about the most productive ways to work from home.

No doubt there is a lot of money to save in facilities costs when workers stay home. Organizations will turn their attention to making work from home more efficient. This includes providing the critical elements of a workspace -which may be a table and office chair. The kitchen table is not height adjustable, and the kitchen chair was not designed to sit for eight hours at a time. It's time to make some space at home for the office furniture!

How fast is the data connection at home? Most people believe a cable connection is fast enough, but many cable connections have limited upload speed. This is not important when streaming Netflix but a big deal when your Teams video has poor quality and spotty sound. Homes with true fiber optic high-speed internet will be in high demand because your company may require it.  Do you know what options are available to you?

Your new house may be larger and in a small town. Who can argue with having a larger house? You may be priced out of the housing market in large cities if you need a home office or two. Finding a small-town home with excellent fiber optic internet connection, two extra bedrooms, and some green space may be just the solution millions will realize they need. The occasional trek to the office is a small price to pay for the space and tranquility needed to WFH. Your neighbors may also be working for other big companies in the larger metro area.

In order to make it all work you will need upholstered seating and tables to give you a lounge space to work from, in addition to the height adjustable table and chair. These are all available with our collections of upholstery and our Element desks. Your workday will be ultra-smooth when you have multiple spaces to complete your work.

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